Almond & Date

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Date and almond has been given a colour code of nutty brown. You can guess why! This granola bar is for the delicate people. The one who likes food to be straightforward. The safe people. It is a big seller because 1. It is bursting with almonds and 2. It is a plain yet delicious mixture of flavours. So if you are a ‘play it safe’ kinda person- almond and date is the Oh So Yummy granola bar for YOU!

  • raw
  • vegan
  • lactose-free
  • high in protein 

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Nutrition 100g Per Portion
Energy (kJ) 1770 1075
Energy (kcal) 422 256
Fats (g) 21 12
Of which saturated (g) 2 1
Carbohydrates (g) 50 31
Total sugars (g) 21 13
Protein (g) 12 7.3
Salt (g) 0.01 <0.01