Jacob's Brew - Pay it forward

A few months ago, I was going through my Facebook feed and read something about 'Titanium Man', I was intrigued and continued reading. This is a real life story about an amazing human being called Jacob and his family. A complete inspiration <3 

There is way too much to explain in a blog post but I encourage you all to visit his website www.titaniumman.com.mt and take a peek at what this incredible family ha been through. 

As always in life, we need to look forward and make sure that we create the right vibes around us, live happily and always, always do good when you can. My late Nannu would always say 'whenever there is an opportunity to be kind, be kind'. Along the years, I have learnt that doing good is not only beneficial to the receivers but also beneficial to your soul.

Back on point... I met up with Jacob, Sarah (the mama bear) and Sam, Jacobs dad. I thought it would be a unique idea to create a bar especially for Jacob, to help him in his mission to open up his own coffee shop. The coffee shop is undergoing some serious works, down to the floors, walls, ceilings. Everything is coming out and all things new are to be installed. This is obviously expensive and with a little help from friends, we can all give our part. 

I know for a fact, that with my obsession with the south of Malta and my constant search for a good coffee, Jacob's Brew is going to be my favorite place and I cannot wait. 

Not only that, this family have started a group called Supporters Malta and they are giving out the room in the back to hold meetings, counselling sessions and do a whole LOAD of good. 


A massive shout out to Kevin from Branded Juice, who offered to design the sleeve out of the goodness of his heart. Thank you Kevin :) You can view his FB here - > https://www.facebook.com/brandedjuice/ 

Head over to Jacobs Brew Facebook page 

And also Survivors Malta

We've created a delicious granola bar specially for Jacob with the promise of giving all the profits to Jacob and his dream. 

You can purchase Jacobs bars online or you can send us a message on our Facebook Page. Don't forget to take a photo of the bars and #jacobsbrew #payitforward so that Jacob and his family know the amazing people who are supporting their cause! 

Wishing you all the best for the festive season,

Let's be grateful for life. <3 

E xxxx