D.N.G Fitness by Denise on SNACKING CORRECTLY

Snacking is difficult, right? We always tend to lean towards quick and unhealthy options. However, the benefits of spending that little extra time to find out the right snacks for you, is invaluable. 

We asked Denise, fitness instructor at D.N.G Fitness and Personal Training to give us a little round up of what snacking means to her. 

''Some of us snack on the wrong foods, by choosing foods that are of a HIGH GI Value. (The word GI stands for GLYCEMIC INDEX, which is a number associated with a particular type of food that indicates the food's effect on a person's blood glucose or also known as blood sugar level.) If you eat the wrong kind of carbohydrates — refined HIGH GI carbohydrates such as white bread, cereal bars, biscuits, cakes and pasta — your blood sugar rises dramatically, giving us a high rush, which gives us a burst of energy. When it comes to our body process, insulin and ghrelin go hand in hand. When insulin goes up after you eat, ghrelin goes down. In response to refined HIGH GI carbohydrates, your body releases a surge of insulin to clear that sugar from the bloodstream. The insulin does its job very efficiently, and thus resulting in a low blood sugar crash to make us feel lethargic, moody and causes hunger sooner once again. These constant blood sugar ups and downs can wreak havoc on your metabolism, so it's best to eat complex carbohydrates, protein and fiber, which delay the release of sugar into the bloodstream so that insulin levels are kept stable and you feel full for longer.



Some of us skip snacking all together just because we are trying to ‘save calories’ by being on a restricted eating plan in order to lose weight. This type of thinking also sets you up to fail, as your body goes into starvation mode after a long period without food. What happens here, is that the body ends up not burning the energy and fats, since it is storing it for the times you are not eating. The body does this as a survival technique in order to live. So no matter what your eating next, good or bad, this will get stored, instead of getting burned as energy, thus makes your weight loss results even more in achievable.


What’s important to think about when it comes to snacking, is finding something that covers you with a LOW GI level to keep your blood sugar in check, something that will provide you with more fiber to keep you fuller, as well as a snack that provides you with protein. Protein helps keep you fuller for longer, keeps your blood sugar stable, helps avoid cravings and provides you with the right energy to help with tone and muscle fiber structure, especially when it comes to exercise and training.


Choose complex carbs, protein and get more fiber! You do this by sticking to LOW GI foods such as the Oh So Yummy granola bars. These are excellent choices for a snack, filling and full of flavor! With 5 flavors to choose from, you are having a preservative free snack with no added sugars. Be prepared and pack 1 or 2 of these in your bag for the day ahead. Excellent for a pre-workout snack to keep your energy levels working during your workout session too.